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Measuring vulnerability - The Children’s Commissioner for England

We want to draw attention to the experiences of the most vulnerable in our societies through our work – to highlight where additional resources and improved understanding could help those most in need.

Alma Economics carried out a comprehensive assessment of all available data on vulnerable children. Initially, we contributed to the development of an analytical framework and helped identify a preliminary set of groups of vulnerable children by exploring definitions and available data publications. To add to the original analysis, we collated trends over time and explored how certain vulnerabilities can overlap. To ensure the information we identified was comprehensive and accurate, we sought guidance from analysts in a range of government departments including Public Health England, the Department of Education, Ofsted, and non-government organisations such as The Education Policy Institute and the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion. Our work has helped guide the development of the Children’s Commissioner agenda by identifying unmet needs, emerging trends and research gaps.


Relevant reports

Children’s Commissioner’s annual study of childhood vulnerability in England (2018)

Measuring aggregate vulnerability in childhood (July 2018)

Estimating the number of vulnerable children – Totals (July 2017)

Estimating the number of vulnerable children – 29 groups (July 2017)

➥ Infographic: overview of vulnerability (July 2017)

Estimating the number of vulnerable infants (May 2018)



Town wide assessment of data - Blackpool Council

To inform the implementation of the Opportunity Area and other programmes, Blackpool Council commissioned Alma Economics to undertake an analytical review to understand the key social mobility factors in Blackpool. While social mobility can be defined in different ways, our report took a broad view and examined education, health, crime and labour market transitions to understand the key issues affecting children and young people in Blackpool. With a robust evidence base, informed by community consultations, Opportunity Area Blackpool can identify key funding priorities to ensure that no one is left behind.

➥ The full report can be found here.



Review of call for evidence - British Taskforce for Lung Health

Alma Economics played an integral role in the development of a 5-year strategy to improve lung health in the UK for the British Taskforce for Lung Health. We systematically reviewed evidence and developed an easy reference briefing document to guide policy discussions with important stakeholders. To assist the Taskforce in identifying key issues, we ranked vital recommendations against the assessment criteria covering impact, feasibility, value for money and reach.