Monitoring & Evaluation

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Preliminary Evaluation of the Virtual Reality Pilot Programme - The Cornerstone Partnership

Alma Economics works with cutting-edge programmes seeking to transform social care and improve outcomes for children. Currently, we are working with the Cornerstone Partnership to evaluate the impacts and value for money implications of using virtual reality technology to change how teachers, carers and legal professionals make decisions, interact and support children in care. As the VR Pilot is pioneering new applications, we are working collaboratively with the client to test approaches and adapt to rapidly evolving requirements. The final preliminary evaluation will be completed in January 2019.

➥ View the VR marketing material researched and produced by us.



Department for Education’s Expansion Grant Programme Evaluation - The Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies

Adoption is a key area of interest for Alma Economics – we want to help improve outcomes for children and adopters through supporting meaningful, evidence-based interventions to address systemic problems.  

Alma Economics was commissioned by the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) to provide an independent evaluation of the Department for Education’s Expansion Grant Programme. The £13 million project supported the development of the Voluntary Adoption Agencies to increase placements. Our team worked with grant recipients to understand issues around grant design and administration, as well as develop performance monitoring measures. Our evaluation examined the process and impact of the Programme using a combination of qualitative and quantitative analytical methods. The review shed light on the realities of the voluntary adoption sector, and our recommendations helped inform policy discussions in England.

➥ The full report is available on the CVAA website.



Preliminary Evaluation of the Technical Assistance to Greece - European Commission

We know how to manage large scale evaluations in politically sensitive environments with multiple partners, working collaboratively to deliver actionable recommendations. For the Preliminary Evaluation of the Technical Assistance (TA) provided to Greece by the European Commission, Member States and the IMF, we carried out in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis to understand the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the TA in the areas of tax and central administration reform.

Our recommendations were developed collaboratively with key stakeholders to ensure they enjoyed widespread support and were administratively and politically feasible. They helped lead to a transformation of how TA is provided to EU member states, from creating a permanent EU-level structure to promoting ownership by individual countries and overhauling funding.