Dr Victoria Mousteri – Economist

Victoria is an economist with strong skills in data analysis and microeconomic modelling. She also has academic and applied experience in economic impact analysis, policy evaluation and forecasting.

Victoria has played an important role in several of our research projects. Most recently, she assessed and analysed current homelessness models for the Department of Work and Pensions. Her previous experience includes tutoring in financial economics at the Mediterranean College of Athens, teaching undergraduates the concepts of investment theory, financial systems and behavioural finance.

Victoria holds a PhD from the University of Stirling. Her research focused on investigating employment outcomes and their links to psychological well-being and mental health. She is currently a member of the Stirling Behavioural Science Centre. Victoria also holds an M.Sc. in Economic Theory from Uppsala University.

In her spare time, Victoria explores the wonderful universe of science fiction through film and literature.

Email: victoria.mousteri@almaeconomics.com